Peter’s Farm develops consumer packaging for new retailers!


After extensive consumer market research and consultations with specialists such as the Flavour Research Centre (Centrum voor Smaakonderzoek, CSO), food stylists and our advertising agency, Peter’s Farm has finally decided on this new packaging line. Peter’s Farm intends to use this packaging to further enhance its image as a consumer brand.

According to the clients who will be working with this new packaging, it gives exactly the right impression of veal: tasty and enjoyable. And once the customer’s interest has been aroused, he then sees that the new packaging comprises useful information on the unique force behind the Peter’s Farm concept: quality (flavour, juicy tenderness), health aspects (food safety), animal welfare, and the fact that consumers can trace the veal back to the farm themselves. In addition, each package gives useful information on how to prepare the veal, the preparation time required, nutritional value, cooking tips, and a recipe on the inside of the wrapper.

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